Chicago Tonight: O'Hare Expansion

Feb 2, 2017
O'Hare airport with the Chicago skyline in the background.
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Illinois'  O'Hare Airport is one of five in the nation where travelers from West Africa must undergo extra screening for Ebola. But now the state has additional guidelines to prevent the virus' potential spread. What to do is the latest disagreement in an already adversarial race for governor.

Even as New Jersey releases a nurse forced into quarantine upon her return from Sierra Leone, Gov. Pat Quinn is standing by a similar policy for Illinois.

Aaron Chambers
WUIS/Illinois Issues

If the scene had played out in a theater, it could have been called absurd. But it wasn’t drama, it was Illinois politics.

Madeleine Doubek
WUIS/Illinois Issues

When it comes to O'Hare International Airport, there's noise, and then there's noise. There's the kind that comes from jets taking off and landing. And then there's the political rhetoric that pollutes the media to the point that the public pays it little attention.