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A Breakdown Of Barickman's Bill

It's hard to find an issue that unites Illinois lawmakers, yet members of both political parties and Governor Bruce Rauner have consistently agreed the state needs to change the way it funds schools. Now, with the filing of two separate legislative plans, that once-unison chorus sounds out of tune. State Senator Jason Barickman is the author of one of those plans. Our education desk reporter Dusty R hodes quizzed him on how he intends to fix the flaws in the state's current funding formula.

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Warehouse Workers for Justice

Illinois Issues: The Trouble With Temp Work

Legislation aims to improve working conditions for temporary workers as the need for them increases.

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Illinois has gone 667 days without a budget. Asked to grade his performance in office, Gov. Rauner gave himself an A for what he could do without legislative support.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Michael Madigan requested a meeting with Rauner — thought to be their first in nearly 6 months.

And between 1,500 and 2,000 women marched on the Capitol in support of Democratic policies and candidates, as House Democrats sought to highlight Rauner's contradictory positions on abortion rights.

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Education Desk

As we head into the 100th day of the Trump presidency, NPR Ed has our regular weekly education roundup to keep you in the loop.

Attorneys General speak out on behalf of student borrowers

Twenty state attorneys general and the District of Columbia this week sent a letter criticizing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for revoking federal protections for student borrowers.

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Health+Harvest Desk

In 19th century Georgia, Princess Barbare Jorjadze grew up to be the country's first feminist. But until recently she's been best remembered for another accomplishment – her cookbook.

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Arts & Life

BR66 Live! Tonight with JC Brooks

Apr 28, 2017

NPR Illinois Bedrock 66 Live! presents Chicago based neo-soul artist JC Brooks. Showtime is 8 pm at Bar None, 245 S. 5th Street in downtown Springfield.

Tickets will be available at the door. Opening for JC will be Devin Williams.

Neil Juranek of WUIS spoke with JC Brooks about his new lp Neon Jungle, his influences and his appearance in Springfield.

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We've been asking writers, thinkers and political leaders to help us define how this world is changing and what role we might play in those changes. We're essentially trying to understand the history of our time.


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Illinois Economy


Sean Crawford talks with State Journal-Register Business Editor Tim Landis.

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"Is anyone going to come through here?"

That's what a Hilton hotel employee asked one of a dozen photographers along the red carpet at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner a couple of hours before the event officially started Saturday evening. But, like a blood-thirsty mosquito on a sweltering night, it was the nagging, persistent thought that seemed to plague attendees throughout the event.

The reason: the vacuum left by the absence of President Donald Trump who had decided to spend his 100th day in office rallying with supporters in Pennsylvania.

Updated 10:30 p.m. ET

President Donald Trump passed Saturday on one of the biggest events on Washington's annual social calendar and, instead, opted to spend his 100th day in office focused on trade and holding a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, Pa.

A U.S. service member died Saturday from wounds sustained in an explosion outside Mosul, Iraq, according to a statement from the U.S military.

The statement offered no further details.

Iraqi troops — with the aid of U.S. forces — have been fighting to push the Islamic State out of Mosul for the past six months.

It is the second American military fatality since the Mosul operation began, reports The Military Times.

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And now we're going to head to the other side of the Capitol to talk about a movement within the Republican Party that's played a big role in President Trump's first 100 days.


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100 Expressions of 100 Days

Illinois Issues

Brent Levin / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

Illinois Issues: The Case For Partial Legalization

There are reasons for legalizing industrial hemp. Might pot and ditch weed help ease the state's financial crisis and boost its farm economy?

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A Path Out Of Poverty: Career Training + Quality Pre K

What makes a high-quality learning program effective not just for the child but the whole family? What else, besides a well-run pre-K , is essential to help families break out of intergenerational poverty? These are some of the key questions that an approach called "two-generation" programs are working to answer. There are many of these "two-gen" programs across the U.S. And while they differ in emphasis and detail, at their core they intentionally focus on ways to help both the child and...

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