UPDATE: Sharing Sunshine State Citrus With Illinois Families In Need

Oct 24, 2013

UPDATE (Nov. 8)

The following is from the Central Illinois Foodbank:

The Springfield Rotary Club is working toward a goal of 2,000 pounds of citrus to be donated to Central Illinois Foodbank. The club currently is about half way to their goal and hopes the community will help them double their current total.

Donations of citrus through the Rotary Club include a mixed box of oranges and grapefruit that come directly from Florida. The cost of the 20 pound mixed box is $30. “Citrus fruit is a great source of Vitamin C that hungry families need during cold winter months,” said Pam Molitoris, Executive Director of the Foodbank. “It’s also an item that may be out of a family food budget when working to stretch dollars at the grocery store.”

A link at http://foodbank.rotarycitrus.com directs those interested in making a citrus purchase to the different options. You may also reach out to a local Rotarian to place an order for the Foodbank. Purchases can be made for an individual or as a donation until November 15th.

Two Springfield non-profits are expanding an existing partnership to provide more fresh produce for families that struggle to pay for healthy food.

Kaleigh Moore of the Central Illinois Foodbank and Harry Mitchell of the Rotary Club of Springfield joined Peter Gray for this interview from the WUIS Harvest Desk: 

CLICK HERE for more information (Rotary fundraiser website)

"We have worked with Mr. Humphrey  from Humphrey's Market here in Springfield for years.  He started his business in the produce and citrus area... It's through his contacts that we've been able to develop the continual stream of really, really high quality fruit." -Harry Mitchell, Rotary Club of Springfield President