UPDATE: 30 Year Old With Stage IV Cancer "Dances Through Chemo"

Jul 16, 2015

UPDATE - November 2017:  Central Illinois woman Lisa Cannon died last Friday. Here are our conversations with her. She retained her positivity until the end of her life and will remain an inspiration to many.

UPDATE - May 2017: Lisa Cannon is now 32 years old and "surviving and thriving" with her cancer. We visited at her home in rural Sangamon County earlier this month (May '17) ... Here's what she had to say:

Original Story - July 2015:  Athens resident, Lisa Cannon, was only in her 20s when she first learned she had breast cancer.  At the time, she had everything going for her - she was a wife and mom, and was finding success as a photographer and graphic designer with her own business. After under-going treatment she went into remission. Two years later though, the cancer was back - in her spine and liver. She learned she had stage IV metastatic cancer.

"I am the most positive person out there and no matter how I feel I will tell you I’m doing well ... I don’t plan on going anywhere but I will be at peace if that day comes sooner than later." - from Lisa's blog

Cannon has maintained a positive outlook (though she admits she has her bad days.) She met her husband in 2014 - and upon learning her cancer had spread, he proposed. They had a non-conventional wedding, which surprised family and friends. Her family now includes his daughter, and Canon's daughter Torie, who is 7 years old. Lisa and Torie stopped by WUIS to talk more about life with cancer, and dancing through the scary times:

  CLICK HERE to read Lisa's blog.

Here's an example of one of the videos where Lisa "dances through chemo" - this one is dedicated to a young girl with a brain tumor:

Here's the video that played at Lisa and Ryan's surprise wedding: