UIS Smoking Policy Under Scrutiny

Dec 11, 2013

Should the University of Illinois Springfield become smoke free?   The campus allows smoking outdoors, away from entryways.  But some want to see lighting up banned completely.

A task force has been talking with those who live and work on the campus, as well as those who visit.  

"If you remember last spring, the legislature brought up a possible bill about making public universities smoke free, " UIS Spokesman Derek Schnapp told WUIS' Sean Crawford on Illinois Edition.   "There's been no charge from the President's office or the Board of Trustees.  This is basically a campus decision and we're taking a good look at it."

Chancellor Susan Koch will have the final say, likely early next year after survey results are compiled. 

Schnapp said while the policy change could impact those who spend a lot of time on campus, those who come for events, like at Sangamon Auditorium, would also be forced to adhere. 

The other University of Illinois campuses have decided to become smoke free.  But Schnapp says that won't influence the UIS decision.  Unlike at some universities, where smokers could go to a public street or sidewalk, leaving the UIS campus from the center of activity is more difficult.

If you'd like to provide input to the task force, you can email at myidea@uis.edu