Screaming Females Will Rock In Springfield

Mar 19, 2015


Ten years ago, three friends got together in New Jersey and formed an outfit called the Screaming Females. They were brought up in the gritty DIY scene, producing their own albums, doing their own promotion, and playing in houses and basements. These days, they still play in houses and basements, but they travel across the country doing it (and they also play in some more mainstream venues too.)

Marissa Paternoster (btw, check out her AMAZING visual artwork here) is the lead singer and guitar player. She was kind enough to join us from her home-base in Philadelphia (aka the room she keeps her stuff while not on tour, which is not very often) for this chat via Skype.

She tells us about how the group got started, how she measures success as an artist, and how she powered through shows while sick with mono. We'll also hear a few of the group's tunes. I dare you to listen without head-banging at least once:


THE SCREAMING FEMALES ARE COMING TO SPRINGFIELD!!! The show is at Black Sheep Cafe on Wednesday, March 25th. Tickets should be bought in advance, if there are any left. Check HERE.

Check out a music video from a song off the new album.

And here's a a goose-bump inducing Patti Smith cover, a collaborative effort that includes the lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson. Warning: Paternoster's guitar solo might give you a heart-attack.