Le Chapeau Jaune (The Yellow Hat)

Dec 18, 2014

"For me, the very best models or “sitters” bring a quality of presence to the process of posing that challenges the painter to find the requisite tools to respond in a meaningful way. Simply “holding still” does not constitute a “quality of presence” (indeed, teapots and bowls of fruit have been known to hold a specific pose indefinitely with great precision and reliability!). However, a model engaged in an intensive internal dialogue of some kind, a dialogue that can be perceived from without, will provide the painter with an opportunity to capture something greater than the surface particularities of the human form. Tori brings this special quality of presence to her work as a model. For its part, the yellow hat she incorporated in this pose added yet another dimension to the posing process as well as the painting outcome."   - Bill

Oil on Canvas

16 x 20

Le Chapeau Jaune (The Yellow Hat)
Credit Bill Abler