King of the Roost

Dec 18, 2014

"Have you ever heard of gentle roosters? I had three beautiful roosters who were as tame as any pet. It may have been the fact that they had 35 – 50 hens to tend to. When I put food in their pen, Me, a giant white rooster, would check it out by picking it up and dropping it. He did this three times and walked away. After Me left, all the hens would run over to eat. He would stand back until they were done and finish what they left.

"Once a hen got tangled in string and couldn’t walk. When I picked her up she squawked up a storm. Me came running from around the hen house, looked at us, turned and walked away. She calmed down, got untangled and was fine.

"Me shared the pen and house with a smaller rooster named Mini-Me, because they looked alike. As long as Mini-Me stayed with his mini hens, the two got along. If Mini-Me got too friendly, the hens tattled and the chase was on, but that was the extent of the altercations. Who would think roosters could be so sweet and entertaining. This is a tribute to my roosters: Roody, Me, and Mini-Me. I miss them and their 'ladies.'" - Rita


Market Value: $450

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King of the Roost
Credit Rita Davis