Decatur Unemployment Shows Biggest Drop In Nation

Oct 1, 2014

Decatur's unemployment rate showed the biggest drop in the nation from a year ago. However that does not mean more people are working.

The jobless rate in Decatur is tied for the highest in the state with Rockford,  but the drop of  3.1% was the biggest decrease in the nation according to the federal agency that monitors such things.  

The August jobless rate in Decatur is 9.4%,. compared to an August 2013 rate of 12.5%.   About 4,900 are out of work compared to more than 6,000 last year in the Decatur area.  The actual number of people working is about the same as a year ago, through there are fewer people actively seeking work.

Springfield's unemployment rate  is 6.5% the second month in a row. That is a drop of  1% from August of 2013.

Statewide..the rate now stands at 6-point-7 percent.. it was above nine at the same time last year.