Business Report: State's Problems Filtering Down To Local Economy; Cost Of Thanksgiving Dinner Lower

Nov 22, 2016

Sean Crawford talks with State Journal-Register Business Editor Tim Landis:

* With no state budget and strike talk, what's the impact on the Springfield economy.  An informal survey of business groups say the longer uncertainty lingers, the tougher it is for local economy.

* Propane Expo: First ever held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds organized by Illinois Propane Gas Association. The propane lobby is working on changes to state law that would make propane more widely available to consumers, including to fuel cars. But there's a long way to go to make it a reality.

* Thanksgiving costs: Low commodity prices are bad for farmers, but good for consumers as cost of turkeys and other Thanksgiving staples are down this year, according to annual American Farm Bureau Survey.  Illinois turkey farmers say flocks also rebounded quickly after last year's outbreak of Avian Influenza.