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Oct 17, 2016
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Forefront's VP of Strategy + Policy, Delia Coleman discusses why Illinois needs a responsible budget now in this #PastDue video:

WUIS Spring Drive Progress
Randy Eccles

WUIS program funding is $30,000 short at the completion of the spring on-air drive.

WUIS/Illinois Issues

As Illinois nonprofits continue speaking the language of cuts — slashing budgets, laying off staff and shrinking programs — hopes are being pinned on a new project in Chicago that holds promise for delivering savings to nonprofits that sorely need those extra dollars.

WUIS/Illinois Issues

While Illinois’ highest court could try to avoid making policy, one case on its docket this fall has potential to start a domino effect that would have policy implications at all levels of government.

Specifically, state and federal lawmakers would have to reconsider the tax liabilities of nonprofit hospitals, as well as the payment for public health care programs that they often bill.

Heightening the importance of the court’s decision, the case is six years old.

Sister Patty Fillenwarth tutors a first-grader from Maternity BVM school in phonics after school at Providence Family Services in Chicago.
WUIS/Illinois Issues

Absent the efforts of the thousands of nonprofits in Illinois, the cultural and social fabric of the state likely would be worn threadbare. 

When the mother discovered her daughter had been sexually assaulted, she picked up the phone and called Metropolitan Family Services, a 150-year-old nonprofit agency in Chicago that helps people with no place else to go.

Dana Heupel
WUIS/Illinois Issues

There are more than 29,000 nonprofit organizations in Illinois. That number, by the way, includes this magazine.

Many nonprofits provide services that the private sector or government can’t or won’t do. They span the social spectrum, offering such benefits as health care, education, arts and cultural institutions, volunteer service to communities, training and housing for the developmentally disabled — places to worship or learn or engage in social activities.