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Man standing in front of a tent full of chickens.
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Low crop prices have many Midwest wheat and corn farmers looking for ways to supplement their incomes. One possibility for conventional farmers: producing food for farmers markets.

A woman at the farmers market buying flowers.
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CHAMPAIGN, IL - The Land Connection's  Mastering the Farmers’ Market series in Champaign and Springfield continues this month with workshops designed to help farmers’ market vendors build their brand, attract more customers, and explore small business basics.

Money Matters at the Farmers’ Market in March will cover small business budgeting strategies from local experts and the ways that new technologies can help market vendors improve payment options for their customers, track sales more effectively, and run their booth more efficiently.

Woman shopping produce at Farmer's Market
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Lindsay Record has been Executive Director of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance for more than a decade.  Her tenure witnessed a renewed interest on local food and sustainability.  And one of the places that was most visible was at farmer’s markets.

But the crowds have begun to taper off, at markets in Springfield and other locations in the state. 


Sean Crawford talks with Tim Landis, Business Editor for the State Journal-Register.

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You are what you eat.  And if you eat healthy, it goes to reason you'll have better health.   That's the basic idea behind a new farmer's market in Lincoln that brings the local hospital and farmers together.  

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This week the panel discusses the public shaming of a family after their small child made his way into an exhibit at the Cincinatti Zoo, which resulted in a gorilla being shot dead to protect the boy. Also discussed: how to deal with kids who can't (or won't) sleep easily at bedtime, and how to make the most out of farmer's markets this summer, tune in!