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Jakarta Stock Exchange Tower Evacuated After Floor Collapses

16 hours ago

In the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, a mezzanine floor inside the tower of the stock exchange collapsed during lunch hour Monday.

People were evacuated from the building, and nearly 80 people were injured.

An employee of the World Bank in Jakarta, based in the same building, told the BBC a mezzanine walkway above the lobby had come down. He said he and members of his team were among those evacuated.

In the middle of the Women's March in Washington, D.C., nearly a year ago, a few dozen women began singing "Quiet," a rallying cry written by L.A.-based artist MILCK. The singer stood at the front of the group, holding a sign reading "I can't keep quiet" and donning the symbolic pink hat, her blonde hair peeking out from underneath. The performers had learned the song on their own and met just hours before the march began.

It's just before Thanksgiving, and artist Christopher Marley is packing up items for a big exhibition outside Miami. Marley transforms poisonous snakes, tropical fish and exotic insects into works of art — and he just realized he forgot to frame a foot-long isopod that's still in the freezer.

In December 1955, after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Ala., bus to a white man, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other black ministers and community leaders organized a citywide bus boycott in protest. That part is well known.

Less well-known is the story of Georgia Gilmore, the Montgomery cook, midwife and activist whose secret kitchen fed the civil rights movement.

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'Star Wars' Musical Pencil Video Goes Viral

18 hours ago

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Good morning, I'm David Greene. This is the famous "Cantina" theme from Star Wars.


GREENE: And this - and I need you to listen closely here - is the song being played on a pencil.

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A reporter asked President Trump once again on Sunday if he's a racist. The president gave an answer he's offered before.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose popularity soared during his first term but then fell from grace, leaves office Tuesday.

President Trump marks his first year in the White House on Jan. 20. Since he took the oath, he's been dogged by questions about his hundreds of businesses and the conflicts of interest they pose.

In attempts to confront Trump and force him to address these conflicts, congressional Democrats, state attorneys general and watchdog groups have sued the president. So far, their cases have not advanced very far in court. A federal judge has dismissed one suit.