White House Immigration Policy Could Affect Illinois Economy

Feb 10, 2015

Credit Department of Homeland Security

Immigrants in the country illegally will soon be able to file requests to stay in the U.S. without fear of being deported.

President Barack Obama announced an executive order helping immigrants in the country illegally gain lawful employment and defer deportation. Opponents say this could hurt the economy and take jobs away from U.S. citizens.

Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, says the opposite is true.

"By reducing the uncertainties faced by millions of undocumented immigrants, the executive actions encourage them to invest in themselves, in the communities and also in the state of Illinois by going to school, buying homes and starting businesses," she said.

The president's council of economic advisers says the executive action would grow Illinois' economy by about $3.8 billion over the next decade.