Supt. Search, Property Tax Referendum Among Issues In Dist. 186

Oct 3, 2013

 A property tax referendum may be posed to Springfield voters next year, if a group of parents gets its way. The group says it'll campaign on the issue from a grass roots angle, even though board members aren't convinced the timing is right to raise taxes. School board vice president, Adam Lopez, is one who says the board needs to work on other issues first. 

"Raising the property tax - personally I don't think is a good idea because right now money's tight for a lot of families in this city." - Adam Lopez

Lopez says the board also needs to cut the budget and get a permanent superintendent before asking voters for more money.  Still, some parents say they are concerned shrinking the budget too much will impact the quality of education children receive.  It's been 30 years since a tax referendum passed in Springfield. In the interview below, Lopez tells us more  about that possibility as well as other issues facing the district, like the search for a new superintendent: