Southtown's Dumb Fest 5 Years Strong

Jun 7, 2017

This weekend, June 9 - 11th, dozens of punk, rock and indie acts will be meeting in Springfield. Dumb Fest takes place in Springfield's Southtown, though there will be a few corresponding shows in other locations, like Cafe Andiamo.

schedule for this year's Dumb Fest
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We caught up with Brian Galecki, owner of Dumb Records and co-owner of Black Sheep venue, he's also an organizer of the festival. He gives us a tour of the area and previews some of the bands that will be performing. Wednesday is the last day to get 3-day passes, you can check that out here - it's a big cost savings if you plan on making it to most of the shows.

Galecki says the festival is a way to put Southtown on the radar of national acts. "We try to reach out as much as possible and get as many bands from all over the country to come here for a fest so we can show them what we have going on in Springfield."

Galecki says this year there's an effort to get downtown more involved in the event with an unofficial after-show at Bar None on Saturday night, for instance. Tune in to hear more about what's in store!