Sick Kid? Be Sure To Check The Medication Dosage

Nov 29, 2016

Credit flickr/frankleleon

This cold and flu season, there's a good chance your kids will come down with something.  You'll probably head over to the medicine cabinet.  

But before you dispense any medication, our next guest says pay attention to the dosage guidelines.  

Sean Crawford talked with Dr. Michael Wahl, who is the Medical Director for the Illinois Poison Center. 

He says kids need to be given the right medicine, at the right time and in the right amount.  

"Really. it's a matter of being able to measure out things correctly," Wahl said.  He points out studies show more accurate dosing when a syringe is used for oral medications, compared to a cup.  

A study published in Pediatrics found 84% of caregivers made one or more significant dosing errors. In some instances, a bit of streamlining might be in order.  He suggests selecting one parent to give the medicine.   When more than one caregiver is involved. he says a chart should be kept.  More tips are on the Poison Center's website.

Wahl adds parents should always contact a doctor or pharmacist with questions about medication.