The Scene On Two Successful Seasons (And Shelving) Of The Studio Show

Dec 22, 2016

Given the breadth of the output of work -- (21 episodes!) it seems impossible it's been just a year since The Studio Show premiered. The goal originally was to create a program for public access. Instead it's become a web-based showcase of Springfield talent including short films, musical performances, a mini-series and much more. The crew now has a new vision, as we hear on this episode.

"You grow up here and you can't wait to get out. And then you get out and you come back and it's like, either leave - or make it cool." Heinzel

The original creators are a group of long time friends who bonded over skateboarding and their love of filmmaking. Since the first season, they have begun collaborating with more local talent, including writers like Emma Wilson. Dave Heinzel, the executive producer, says one of his goals is allowing Springfielders to see their city through "a different lens." 

It's been said Heinzel spends 40 hours+ per episode on editing, and it's easy to believe that's a conservative estimate. His cinematography is artful and complex, including "nature breaks" and drone footage of the city. You have to see it for yourself. Now check out the show, and then take a listen to this episode of The Scene... We hear from co-hosts Arlin Peebles & Keil Isham, as well as Heinzel, Wilson, Joe Day, and Adam Nicholson - who has events and a net-working project for creatives. So come along with Scott and Rachel to the season two finale party at The Studio!