The Scene On Tacos & Hobgoblinspookadelic

Oct 27, 2016

This week we hear about Springfield's annual Halloween punk/rock n' roll show, hosted and performed in part by the areas's longest running punk band, NIL8 (pronounced "annihilate".) We hear their song named after the event as our Song of the Week.

For Culture Corner, Scott gives his accolades to cover band/super group Chivalrous Amoekons, which includes Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Angel Olsen singing songs by Chicago (by way of UK) band the Mekons. Rachel name drops a great new restaurant and a couple side-by-side (on the 1100th block of Governor St.) vintage shops in Springfield: Taqueria Moroleon, Shimmy Shack & House + Garden Meanwhile, The 21st team recommends Maize Mexican Grill for tacos, and Golden Harbor for authentic Chinese food over in Champaign-Urbana land.