The Scene On Funk Goddess Betty Davis + Taylorville Band's New Album 'IHeartMom'

Jun 30, 2016

the album will be released at the Black Show on Saturday
Credit c/o Fill in the Blank

This week on The Scene Rachel and Scott are joined by two members of the band Fill in the Blank - they have a show coming up at the Black Sheep on Saturday and will release a new album there. 

Other include the First Friday art show at Cafe Brio (and also at Cafe Andiamo - an acoustic set will take place there featuring Carrie Jo Stucki, Tenika Beard and Dustin Strother from 6 - 7:30.) The Art Theater Co-op in Champaign has a host of good movies to check out this weekend, including The Lady From Shanghai starring Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. Here's the trailer:

For those who liked the movie Spotlight, Rachel suggests this PBS Frontline documentary (watch it all, here.)

Scott is excited about some new releases of lost music by Betty Davis, an unsung funk pioneer.