'People's Agenda' Intended as Alternative to 'Turnaround Agenda'

Feb 16, 2016

A day ahead of Governor Bruce Rauner's budget address, a number of community organizations and labor unions are proposing a "People's Agenda." It's meant to be an alternative to the governor's "Turnaround Agenda."

The People's Agenda calls for higher tax rates on the wealthy and a new tax on stock trades. It would spend the money on programs like universal pre-K, ending homelessness and violence prevention.

Guadalupe Hernandez is with the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council. Speaking through a translator, she says the governor is too focused on a business agenda.

"Discussing how to save money from taxes, because the rich want to pay like poor families. Something ridiculous. There's no comparison," she said.

Rauner has repeatedly said Illinois needs a more competitive business climate before it can afford to take care of its most vulnerable residents.