Pensions: Plenty To Talk About While Waiting For The Court

Feb 23, 2015

Pensions' big day before the Illinois Supreme Court has been set for next month, on March 11. 

I was honored to be on a panel recently (before Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget address, so no talk about his latest proposal), along with the Civic Federation's Laurence Msall, Sen. Daniel Biss D-Evanston and Sen. Matt Murphy R-Palatine, to discuss one of the state's most controversial, pressing and expensive issues.  

Even though everyone is waited to hear what the state's high court will say about the overhaul known as Senate Bill 1, there's still plenty to talk about -- like the merits and faults of moving workers into 401(k) style plans, whether the General Assembly will wait for the court's decisions before taking further action, and if a "cost shift" that moves the cost of  the employers' share of teachers' retirement benefits  from the state, to schools. 

Click here for a video of the event.