The New Pornographers On World Cafe

May 8, 2017

The New Pornographers just released its seventh album, Whiteout Conditions -- and it's power-pop harmony heaven. This is music that moves your body and your brain, a hybrid that chief songwriter AC Newman says he envisioned from the beginning:

There were bands that I went to see that were just party bands, but you'd never really put on their records and listen to them. And then there were the bands that you listen to their records, but they're a real drag to see live. So I think the idea was like, "What if we could somehow bridge the gap?" Be sort of a party band, but also be the smart band where people listen to the records and the records are sort of dense.

The New Pornographers' records have featured a rotating cast of musical heavyweights, including Neko Case. In this session, we'll talk about life on the road after almost two decades and hear a mega-fun live performance. Listen above and check out a session performance video via VuHaus below.

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