Maufacturing Losses Lead To Decatur's Rise In Unemployment

Aug 22, 2013

Credit flickr/ptooey

Illinois has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation.  And Decatur has the highest in the state.

Caterpillar announced hundreds of layoffs this summer and that is now showing up in the jobless rate.  Decatur's rate has gone up to 13.2 percent, 2 full percentage points above where it was a year ago.  And it's also at the highest level it's been this time of year in about three decades.  

The figures indicate the economic recovery has been inconsistent.  Whether those jobs at Caterpillar are coming back anytime soon is uncertain.  The company has said weak market conditions continue to be experienced in the mining industry, resulting a slowdown in equipment purchases.    

Decatur unemployment is four points ahead of the Illinois average.  

Meanwhile Springfield's rate of 8 percent was down slightly from the same time a year ago and is below the state level.   

Springfield saw hiring in education, health care,  financial services and retail.