Listen to State Week - March 20, 2015

Soon-to-be-former Congressman Aaron Schock, surfing off the coast of Hawaii.
Credit Aaron Schock / Instagram

Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock resigned this week amid questions about his spending of taxpayer money. When the news broke, political reporter Chris Kaergard of the Peoria Journal Star was in the Republican's Downton Abbey-inspired office, waiting for a previously scheduled interview.

"Obviously that meeting was not kept," Kaergard tells the State Week panel.

Discussed on the show:

  • The AP's inspired data-sleuthing, matching the congressman's Instagram photos with flight records.
  • The ABC News interview in which Schock name-checks Taylor Swift.
  • The New Yorker's interesting perspective: "Spending so much time courting donors who have a great deal of money, and asking for large sums, can twist a person’s idea of what a normal lifestyle is."

Finally, the award for best headline, non-Schock-ing pun category, goes to The Economist: "At play in Peoria."