Lecuture At SIU Springfield On 'My Life With Death'

Nov 1, 2016

Forensic pathology is the branch of medicine that focuses on finding a legal cause of death. It's a field that's been glorified by shows like Bones and CSI. For Illinois native Dr. Gary Cumberland - it's been his life's work. His book about his three decades-long career is called 'My Life With Death.' We caught up with him, and Dr. Cumberland begins the conversation talking about why he thinks forensic pathology is the most interesting, yet least understood field in medicine:

Cumberland spent most of his working life in Alabama and Florida - he returns to his alma mater, Southern Illinois School of Medicine, to speak on the Springfield campus Wednesday night. He'll cover the material in his book and talk about modern issues in the field, like the difference between coroners and medical examiners and why it matters.

For more information on Dr. Cumberland's lecture Wednesday night (11/2) in Springfield, click here.