Lahood & Mellon Win Congressional Primaries

Jul 8, 2015

Mellon (L) & Lahood

The Republican nominee to replace ex-Congressman Aaron
Schock says he spent most of his campaign talking about his record as a state
senator and former prosecutor, not his famous former U.S. transportation
secretary father Ray LaHood.
 State Sen. Darin LaHood won his party's nomination Tuesday. He tells The
Associated Press his campaign team hit the ground running early on and didn't
take anything for granted.
 LaHood had early backing from the state GOP, more money than the other
candidates and key endorsements, including from the National Rifle Association.
 But one of his two GOP opponents, conservative writer Michael Flynn, argued
voters were tired of party politics, particularly after the Schock scandal.
High school teacher Robert Mellon has won the Democratic primary to replace ex-U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock.
 Mellon bested Springfield school board member Adam Lopez after a campaign
season where both largely focused on issues affecting the middle class.
 However, the road to the Sept. 10 general election will be difficult for any
Democrat. The central Illinois district is largely Republican.
 Still, Democrats say they have a chance because of frustration with the Schock
 Schock resigned in March after mounting scrutiny of his spending, including
redecorating his office in the style of the estate in the television show
``Downton Abbey.''
 Mellon says being a veteran and teacher equips him to understand foreign and
domestic policy.