House Committee Approves Privatizing Economic Agency & Putting Lincoln Library Under Its Own Board

Apr 23, 2015

 A House committee has approved a measure that would
privatize the state's economic development agency and turn the Abraham Lincoln
Library and Museum into a stand-alone institution.
 The House executive committee on Wednesday unanimously passed legislation
merging two ideas from House Speaker Michael Madigan and Gov. Bruce Rauner.
 Madigan has pushed for the Lincoln Library to be a stand-alone agency instead
of under the Historic Preservation Agency, which would be eliminated under the
proposal. Rauner proposed during his campaign for governor that the Department
of Commerce and Economic Opportunity be turned into a public-private
 Advocates say the proposal would make the DCEO more efficient and transparent.
 Opponents say states have been plagued by scandal after delegating economic
development responsibilities to a nonprofit.
     The bill is HB574.