High Turkey Prices Unlikely To Impact Consumers

Nov 25, 2014

Credit flickr/Calgary Reviews

Wholesale turkey prices are at an all-time high this Thanksgiving, but you may not see that at the grocery store.

Farmers raised fewer turkeys this year than they have in the past three decades - about 235 million gobblers, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Ann Knowles raised seventy on her small farm in western Illinois. She coops up the plump birds at night to guard against predators, but lets them roam freely during the day.

KNOWLES  "They get to strut. And they chase in bugs. So I think they’re little dinky brains are probably pretty happy."

Despite shorter supplies, most supermarkets keep turkey prices low, hoping that shoppers stick around to buy all the fixings.

Lower feed prices have economists predicting turkey farmers will increase the size of their flocks in coming months.