The Great Springfield Art Merger Of 2016

Dec 23, 2015

Betsy Dollar (L) & Corrin McWhirter. Artwork by Delinda Chapman.
Credit Rachel Otwell/WUIS

Springfield Art Association and Prairie Art Alliance are becoming one, and will focus on rebranding and integrating in the coming year. If you've been part of the art scene in Springfield, there's a good chance you've heard this question: "Why don't local arts groups work more cohesively ?" 

It's one that has long circulated, because given Springfield's size --  it has several different groups when it comes to theater, music and visual art. Two of Springfield's most prominent organizations have decided to pool resources and become one entity. It's big news for the scene.

I sat down with Betsy Dollar, who heads the Springfield Art Association, which is over 100 years old -- and Corrin McWhirter with the Prairie Art Alliance. They talk about the merger, which is right around the corner ... and what it will bring: