Gov. Rauner Provides Details Of Family Vacation

Jan 4, 2016

Governor Rauner has spent the past few days touring flooded areas of the state.
Credit WILL

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he spent his nearly two-week holiday vacation in Spain and Morocco with his family.

Rauner said Monday he didn't publicly disclose where he was traveling because
of concern for his six children.
The governor says ``I don't want it around the Internet where my kids are.''
Rauner left the country during the weekend of Dec. 19-20, but his staff
wouldn't say where he went or why he wanted to keep his whereabouts private.
He was scheduled to return Sunday but came back to Illinois last week to deal
with severe flooding in central and southern Illinois.
Rauner says he paid for the vacation himself and didn't take taxpayer-funded
He says the family rode camels in the Sahara desert and slept in tents.