Downtown Hannibal, MO Cleans Up After Powerful Storm

May 21, 2013

Brick shops in Hannibal Historic District among those blown apart by high winds
Credit Dominic Genetti
Monday night's severe storms stopped the presses of the local newspaper in Hannibal, Missouri. A widespread power outage prevented the Hannibal Courier-Post from getting a print edition to readers.  Reporters there, including Dominic Genetti, used the internet and social media to provide news updates on damage caused by 90 mile-an-hour winds.   As Genetti told Peter Gray on Illinois Edition Tuesday, two funnel clouds were reportedly spotted just outside of town last night:

Genetti says the worst damage he saw Tuesday morning was in the city's historic downtown, where a few shops, including the local dog groomer, took a major hit:

"The roof caved in - thanks to some bricks that were blown around - crashing in on an art gallery [below] and a couple of the little stores you see down there.  But the biggest damage on Main Street has to be a building just adjacent to that.  The entire third floor has just been... blown out."


art gallery with collapsed roof in downtown Hannibal
Credit Dominic Genetti
The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum is just down the street.  It sustained only minor damage - mostly from broken tree limbs.   Brenna McDermott says she and other employees at the national historic site feel "very lucky" that it came out of the storm unscathed.    No injuries have been reported in Hannibal.