District 186 Employee Suspected Of Stealing From HS Fund

Oct 8, 2013

An unnamed district 186 employee has admitted to stealing money from the Springfield public school system, according to the interim superintendent Bob Leming. Leming told WUIS a police investigation started last week - and while the Southeast High School employee in question apparently admitted guilt, the investigation is still underway with the Illinois State Police.

"A person has admitted to ... this theft. They have not yet been arrested but there has been a confession and the investigation is ongoing" said Leming. The amount taken and the suspect's position at the school and name are not being released at this time. The district is calling it a "significant amount of money" - which was found missing from the high school's activity fund.

The irregularities were found during a routine audit, said Leming: "We're going to prosecute the individual, or individuals, I think it's only one person that's responsible. But you never know where the cops go with this stuff ... and then it'll go to the State's Attorney and the State's Attorney will make the determination as to whether or not there's been a crime and whether they are going to prosecute it or not." Leming said it is already clear what happened to the money. The employee has been put on leave without pay while the investigation continues.