Cullerton Wants Reconsideration of Pension Consideration

May 12, 2015

Credit Brian Mackey / NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS

Even though John Cullerton went along with the pension law that on Friday was found by the state's high court to be unconstitutional, the Illinois Senate President had always favored another approach. Now he's saying (well, not exactly in these exact words ... ) "I told you so." In this episode of The Players -- a podcast about who's who in Illinois politics and what they're up to -- Amanda Vinicky spoke with the Senate's top Democrat about his plans to try again.

Legislators and members of the Rauner administration have been meeting in small groups behind closed doors. Cullerton had held off sending a Senate Democrat to the working group focused on pensions --- he said without a court decision it made no sense. Now that the Supreme Court has weighed in, Cullerton says he's sending Evanston Democrat Daniel Biss. Sen. Biss had helped to craft the now-nullified 2013 pension law.