Body Camera Measure Awaits Governor's Action

Jun 1, 2015

Credit Bethany Carson / WUIS/Illinois Issues

 Illinois lawmakers have given final approval to legislation that would set statewide rules for the use of police body cameras.

 The bipartisan measure OK'd Saturday would make Illinois the first state in the
country to implement a presidential task force's recommendations following
incidents of citizen deaths in interactions with police.
 The plan also largely prohibits chokeholds, creates a database tracking police
discipline and requires more training.
 The Senate sent the measure to Gov. Bruce Rauner on a 45-5 vote. His
spokeswoman wouldn't say if he's taken a position.
 The legislation spells out when police have to turn cameras on and how long
videos would be kept. Videos would not typically be publicly available.
     Police agencies would not be required to purchase cameras.
     The legislation is SB1304.