Bill: No More Abstinence Only Sex Ed In Schools

May 22, 2013

Schools that have sexual education classes would have to go beyond "abstinence-only" under a measure Illinois legislators sent the governor. The plan seeks to ensure students are getting medically accurate and age appropriate information.


The measure does not require schools to offer sex ed courses.

But if they do ... the legislation mandates that middle and high schools include information about birth control.

Senator Linda Holmes is a Democrat, from Aurora:

HOLMES: "In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence - and they listen. But we know they don't necessarily follow that advice.  They are going to be confronted with the issue of sex before they're 21 years old, or 25, or whenever they decide to get married."

But Senator Dave Luechtefeld of Okawville says it defies logic.

LUECHTEFELD: "I can't imagine me going to, when my kids grew up, saying to them - by the way, sex is wrong ... and to say to them, once you get that out of your mouth, but if you're going to do it, here's the way to do it that it's safer."

Despite his and other Republicans' objections, the measure passed, 37 to 21.

Parents who object are free to take their kids out of sex ed.