12/06/2017: How dishwashers and cooks lose out on tips

Dec 6, 2017

(U.S. Edition) As Congress tries to reconcile the two different tax bills that are on the table (one from the House and one from the Senate), we'll look at one item they do have in common: a move toward a territorial system of taxation. This move would try to encourage U.S. companies to move the trillions they have stashed overseas into the U.S. Afterwards, we'll look at a new proposal from the Department of Labor that would allow employers to pool tip money from workers who earn at least minimum wage, and share it with non-tipped workers. Plus: A conversation with Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O'Leary about her trip to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. While the hurricane hit the island three months ago, power there still hasn't been fully restored.