11/09/2017: Why isn't there a global tax system?

Nov 9, 2017

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ...Three weeks — that's how long Britain has to figure out what it's paying the EU in its divorce settlement. How likely is it that negotiators will be able to make that deadline? Then, we talked about the arrests of 11 Saudi princes in a wide-ranging operation by the new crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. Today, we get the perspective from young Saudis in Riyadh - six out of 10 people in Saudi Arabia are below the age of 30. Afterwards, all week there have been revelations from the Paradise Papers about the tax avoidance strategies of everyone from race car drivers to Apple to elite universities. The head of the OECD's tax division explains why its so hard to coordinate global tax policies - though he says it has been improving.